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Costume Wigs – Stage, Screen and Television

Costume Wigs  as well as wigs for  all  types of productions; from stage and screen, to television and live events, have been an important part of  The Individual Wig  for many years.

 Costume WigsThe Individual Wig  creations have been used in hundreds of  different shows, television commercials, operas and theatrical productions. Our wigs are used in live street theatre and at entertainment venues, such Dreamworld. They were seen in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sydney Olympics and they regularly feature in the Mardi Gras.

You could also see our wigs in action in many shows, such as Channel Nine’s Domestic Blitz, The Footy Show, The Today Show and movies such as Wolverine,  Babe, The Matrix Reloaded and Moulin Rouge.

Costume Wigs just for your look.

We can style and create the dynamic look for any theatrical production – film, television or on the stage.costume wigs

Our Wig Dressers can create the look you want from an idea, a sketch or a photograph
for any production you need, such as ‘Diva-lution Super Supremes’.




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