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Wig Care

Wig Care is the answer.


The Individual Wig’s best advice on wig care is that proper care for your wig and hairpieces will help protect them, keep their style and shape and extend their longevity.

The following wig care tips will help you maintain your wig-

Measuring and Fitting a Wig>
Do and Don’t>

Three easy steps to measuring.

  • Head size is determined by the circumference, depth and width.
  • Before starting, ensure your hair is as flat as possible with no bulges.
  • Using a cloth tape measure, run the tape all the way around the natural hairline of your head just above your ears. This gives you the circumference measurement.
  • To get the depth measurement, hold the tape at the start of your natural hairline on your forehead and run the tape over the crown to your hairline on your neck.
  • The width is measured by holding the tape at the top of one ear and crossing to the top of the other ear.
  • The following table is a guide.
Wig size Circumference – around the head Depth – Front to back Width – Ear to ear
Petite 52.5 cm 33.5 cm 27.5 cm
Small 54 cm 35 cm 28 cm
Average to medium 56 cm 36 cm 29 cm
Average to large 57 cm 37.5 cm 30 cm
Large 58.5 cm 38 cm 30.5 cm
Extra large 61 cm 40 cm 31.75 cm

Wig Care – Fitting a wig

Step 1:
Secure your own hair by pinning or using a Wig Cap or Liner.

Step 2:
Hold your wig by its sides and slip it over your head.
Adjust until the wig looks like your own hairline at the front.

Step 3:

The sides will be a close fit. Make sure the wig tabs are in front of your ears and bend the tabs.

Step 4:

Use the adjustable straps, you can adjust your wig for comfort to fit your particular head size.

Wig Care Styling Hints

Styling is very easy with your new wig with either your fingertips or wig brush. Do not use heat. One of their most important features of our wigs is that they are designed for easy handling and styling. Height can be achieved by gently lifting with the brush. Your wig can be styled closer to the head for a flatter look. If added fullness is required, backcomb gently, then smooth the surface hair over the backcombing.

The myths of measuring for a wig.

While many people suggest a range of complicated sizes and measurements, the reality is that measuring for a wig is a very simple process. With today’s technology, ready-made wigs are manufactured to fit comfortably on most people. The wigs all have adjustable tabs which allow them to be securely fitted.

Most people have an average size head and in ordering online you will find most wigs are average size. However, some style of wigs are available in various sizes, e.g., petite, average and large. Therefore, it may be beneficial to check the size of your head.

Wig care and servicing – maintaining the life of your wig.

Proper wig and hair care is essential in maintaining the condition of your purchase. Wigs, hair pieces and extensions will last for some time, retaining their natural beauty and shape if you look after them.

Washing Synthetic Wigs and Hairpieces

We advise you to wash your wig every 10 to 15 wears.
Do not use regular shampoos. The Individual Wig has a mild shampoo specially formulated > for the care of wigs or hairpieces. It will gently clean and refresh your wig making it shiny, more manageable and giving it more body

The Individual Wig ShampooShampoo your wig

1. Brush the wig gently with a metal bristle brush. If your wig is curly, use your fingers to detangle it.

2. Wash wig in cool water and apply Wig Shampoo as instructed on The Individual Wig Shampoo label. The wig can be soaked for 10 to 15 minutes.

3. Rinse with cool water.

4. Gently squeeze out the water. Do not twist or rub.

5. Place wig in a towel and gently ‘blot’ dry. Never rub or shake vigorously.

6. Place in a well-ventilated area to dry.

7. When your wig is dry, light spray with The Individual Wig Revitalising Mist, which is a leave-in conditioner.

8. When your wig is completely dry, re-style gently, first by shaking and fluffing by hand.

Revitalising-Mist Revitalising your wig

After washing, The Individual Wig Revitalising Mist  will make the hair more manageable and bring back the sheen and style of your wig. It is specifically formulated to maintain the life and long-lasting beauty of wigs and hairpieces.


See our range of Accessories to help maintain your wig >.

To maintain the style and shape of your wig, use The Individual Wig Spray for wigs.  The water-soluble formula gives manageability and control to your hairstyle. It is non-flaking, allows no build-up and dries instantly.

Of course, you can send your wig to us. The Individual Wig has a washing and restyling service that will keep your wig looking good for years to come.

The Do and Don’t of Wig Care


  • Use professional wig care products designed specifically for wigs
  • Store your wig, cleaned and covered in a silk scarf when not in use.


  • Don’t use regular shampoo
  • Don’t dry your wig artificially or use heat activated styling aids, e.g. blow dryers, hot rollers, hot tongs, etc
  • Don’t expose your wig to radiated heat, e.g. open fire or naked flame
  • Don’t brush your wig when it’s wet.

If your wig has already been damaged, we can correct the damage (to a certain extent). But prevention is better than cure.

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