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The Individual Wig's Wig Accessories,Wig Care

Wig Brushes, Wig Shampoos and Wig Care Products

The Individual Wig has a wide range of wig products to complement our wigs and hairpieces that will help you with styling, caring and extending the longevity of your wig and hairpieces.

They include:

Wig Brushes
Wig Shampoos
Holding spray
Mousse Spritz
Foam Heads
Wig Stands
Toupee Clips and tape
Wig Liners and wig nets.

All our products are specially designed for wigs including The Individual Wig shampoo and conditioner which are formulated just for the job of gently cleaning and refreshing your wig.

See Wig Care for more information about how to care for your wig.

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