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Wigs-for every occasion.

Wigs are our speciality with  hundreds of beautiful ready-to-wear products in both synthetic and human hair >. They come in the latest styles, lengths, trends and fashion-conscious colours.

Our sophisticated wigs collection  looks natural and ready for you to wear, with comfort and confidence. You’ll look your best in an Individual Wig.

We stock only industry recognised, state-of the-art, superior quality products from the leading alternative hair manufacturers such as Rene of Paris, Henry Margu and Jon Renau.

All  are meticulously handcrafted, beautiful creations and  designed to suit every need.

Monofilament wigsThe range includes the popular Monofilament >, which are made with a very thin, almost transparent material that matches the colour of your scalp. This makes them ideal for people with severe or total hair loss. Each strand of fibre is hand knotted into the net and can fall in any direction. Some monofilament wigs come with two-lining construction, which provides extra comfort.

All the time, new lacefront > wigs, particularly  Smartlace products, which offer natural looking hairlines are coming on the market, and new technology is developing lighter weight wigs

We style and create for all occasions. Where needed, we professionally resize and cut your wig and can also design a customised wig to suit your desires.

Wigs you can browse.

Visit our Salon in Darlinghurst, Sydney or go online and choose  by brand, style or length; short>, medium> or long>. Select from our range of Lightweight> wigs or those offering more volume. We have monofilament or standard manufactured wigs.


  • Fashion
  • Medical-Hair loss
  • Theatrical/Entertainment
  • Religious
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Fun / Party
  • Men’s Wigs.
  • Hair Extensions

Our ranges include: clip-on hairpieces, ponytails and  accessories. Call us or email for more information about them.

That’s why we are proud to be called The Individual Wig.

Visit our salon so we can recommend the best style for you. Call us on (02) 9332 2112 to make an appointment or

email  email the individual wig


If you are looking for an affordable, non-permanent way to change your hairstyle, we have the answer.

Hair Extensions create volume, add length and accentuate the texture of your natural hair. We can meet every styling and budget need, with easy-to-use, ready made clip-in extensions that fit like a dream with your hair.

We have a wide range of products, from do-it-yourself clip-in pony tails to ready styled formal wear pieces and human hair wefts for hair dressers.

Custom Made Extensions
We  can custom make human hair clip-in extensions to your specifications. Call us to discuss your needs.



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