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Medium Wigs

Beautiful Styles in mid-length wigs.

Medium WigsMedium Wigs are just the thing for people who don’t suit a short look or a long wig is not the right style for you.

Our range of medium length wigs will appeal to all tastes, from gently layered and angled bobs to  shoulder-length shags and face-framing creations. We have synthetic and human hair, monofilament and lace fronts that mimic your natural hairline.

There is something for every need, whether it’s a fashion wig for a special occasion or you need a wig for hair loss.

As one satisfied client wrote,

Dear Cheryl,
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July last year, I knew I just had to get on with what I had to do the best way I could.
Being able to go into The Individual Wig and immediately feel comfortable meant a lot to me. Then with the help of both you and Pamela to find a wig that suited me after only two try-ons, made a situation which I thought would be so demoralising, so EASY….without people like you as part of my breast cancer story, I know I would not be feeling as well as I am today. Cheryl, you are a special person,
Jenny. (>see more testimonials)

Below is a  a selection of medium wigs from all of the well-known and  leading international brands we stock.

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