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The Individual Wig Philosophy







The Individual Wig Philosophy-we meet your individual needs.

The Individual Wig philosophy is built  around   understanding you, listening to what you want, satisfying your wishes and forming a relationship.

As our name states, The Individual Wig meets the needs of each person. But our reputation is built on more than simply selling quality wigs and hairpieces.

To achieve our goals, we ensure our wig consultants are fully trained, experienced, knowledgeable, professional and qualified hairdressers. They take great pride and passion in customising our service, whether you need the latest fashion wig, a chic hairpiece or a fun wig for a costume party.

We are committed to offering the highest quality products, crafted by the worlds leading manufacturers using the finest materials. We are diligent in keeping up to date with the latest fashions and trends, and providing contemporary styles and colours to give the unique, sensational look that you want.

We are dedicated to treating with dignity and understanding, women who are undergoing cancer treatment or experiencing hair loss through alopecia.

The Individual Wig Philosophy is aimed at meeting the needs of each person who needs a wig.


We have many happy and satisfied clients who  send us feedback on the attention we give them, with comments like this:

I came to The Individual Wig because a friend of mine, Monique said, ‘ Don’t bother wasting your time going from place to place. Don’t go anywhere else but The Individual Wig. The prices are more reasonable and the experience will be good for you.’ So…. that’s why I came here.

Margaret (Camden)


Look Good Feel BetterLook Good Feel Better

An important part of our obligation is that we take an active role in the Look Good Feel Better>  program, designed to help women manage the appearance-related side-effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

We also respect the needs of women who wear wigs for religious reasons.

We take pride in providing you with the best advice and guidance in a caring and discreet environment.






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