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What people say

Testimonials from our satisfied client show how well we value what we do for people who need wigs. Our clients come  from all walks of life, all around Australia and overseas – the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

As one client told us, “I came to The Individual Wig because I’m well known and they have a reputation for being discreet.”

Here’re some other comments from satisfied clients.


I visited The Individual Wig with my friend who is currently fighting the side effects of chemo. I cannot express enough how amazing our experience was with Cheryl and Helen from Individual Wig. Not only do they have incredible customer service but they are such genuine, compassionate, lovely ladies who make the whole process of choosing a wig so much easier and more comfortable than expected. They go above and beyond just ‘selling’ wigs and would highly recommend them to anyone!
Thank you so so much, I have so much gratitude for finding you.

Claire Stokes. Jan 2017

Dear Helen

My sister Karin has asked me to send the attached letter from her oncologist for your records. Many thanks for looking after Karin during her recent visit to your shop. Her wig looks super, and she is very happy with it.

Kind Regards


To  The Individual Wig, 

Good range. Service and experience wonderful. Sensitive and helpful with follow up pop ins when you need a few tips.

Lorelle Cooney. Sydney

To the Staff of The Individual Wig, 

Thank you.I’m overwhelmed with your kindness. Your kind gesture will last a lifetime. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me.

Love Mary T.

To  The Individual Wig, 

Thank you for sending up 2 wigs, which were delivered yesterday. I really appreciate all your help and assistance in my purchases, as it is a very personal choice and am so pleased I chose your business.

Thank you once again.

Regards Elizabeth. Feb 2017

Hi Cheryl, 

Just to let you know that my wig has arrived and of course it is wonderful! Thank you so much for all your help…wonderful customer service.

With Best Regards,

Flo (Sydney) Jan 2017.

Dear Helen and Cheryl

Thank you for making the purchase of my wig less sombre. We certainly had a good morning with you.

As discussed please find attached a medical certificate from my GP confirming my condition to submit with your paperwork.

Best wishes and I shall see you when my hair is gone

Conny (Sydney)  Jan 2017

Hi Cheryl,                                                                                                                                                   

Hope you are well and had a lovely weekend.Please find attached a letter from my mum’s doctor for the wig. Thanks again for all your help and fantastic customer service! I will definitely be recommending your services in the future!                                                                                                                                                         

Kind Regards,                                                                                                                                         

Jacinda.  Sydney. Dec 2016

Dear Cheryl and Noella,

Thanks for your help always. Thank you Noella for your help over many many years, and Cheryl thank you for your help in being so good to be my ‘courier service’ and friend as well.

L. (Sydney) 21 April 2016.

I was in your shop yesterday the 14/3 to purchase a  wig.
I just wanted you beautiful three ladies to know that my experience was a most pleasurable  experience.
You definitely know your jobs, very professional and helpful.
Thank you so much for all your help and sweet kindness you showed me.

F. (Sydney) 15 February 2016

Hi Cheryl,

Package arrived. Thank you so very much and thank you also for the VIP card.

You ladies have looked after me for the past two years and quite frankly I wouldn’t know what to do without The Individual Wig. It has given me back confidence as my hair is taking longer to grow as expected. I can’t thank you enough. Next time I am in Sydney, I’ll be sure to call in and say thank you to you all personally.   I will need to order another one in April as I am going away for 3 months but I will let you know closer to time.

Again, thank you.    

Kind regards,

M. (Darwin February 2016)

I’m sorry for the delay in saying thank you. I came to The individual Wig looking for a wig due to my alopecia. I can’t thank you ladies enough for turning a crappy day into a really fun one. You showed me all my options, you were really caring and helpful and let my mum and I have lots of time in choosing. I couldn’t be happier with the wig I have now and I have been telling everyone where I got my wig from.

Thank you again,

G. (Sydney) Jan 2016 

Hi darling Cheryl,

A joy to be with you and beautiful team in Sydney.  Love my new look!

Love and hugs

Sophie (ADELAIDE  October 2015)

Hi Cheryl,

My apologies for the delay in thanking you and your staff for doing a wonderful job with my wig. I really appreciate the extra attention you provide.

Have a lovely weekend,

Kind Regards,

Beverley. (SYDNEY. May 2015)

Hi Cheryl ,

I just wanted to say thank you again for coming all the way to deliver the wig. Your genuine kind service from when I entered your shop means so much to me.

God bless you.

See you soon. Take care.

Antonella. (Sydney March 2015)

Dear Cheryl,

Just to let you know how happy I am with your handiwork. I started wearing it on Sundays from the beginning of February. As you noticed I seemed to hold on to my locks so, although there is a lot of thinning, I still manage to take my walk wearing my sunhat with enough hair poking out in all the right places.

So thank you again for all your time and effort to reach such a good result.

Warm regards.

Ruth ( Sydney- March 2015)
Hi Cheryl,
We visited your shop on Saturday and purchased a wig for my wife from Lyn.
Thank you for your staffs assistance and professionalism.
Lyn was very helpful and informative and treated my wife with respect and dignity, to which I also say thank you.
As discussed, please find attached the Medical letter for the GST exemption.

Peter  (Sydney-December 2014)

Hi dear Cheryl,
Wig arrived yesterday safely.  It is beautiful! So pleased Thank you!  Will wash other one now, it has stretched a little so perhaps a little adjustment sometime as slips a bit but manageable. Behaved very well on trip away in planes overnight.. All I had to do was maintain fringe correctly and knew it was looking ok. Am so thrilled that was connected to your firm as you beautiful ladies have helped me so much and made my everyday life so much more carefree. By the way, had lots of strangers on different occasions compliment my hair!  

Thank you and love to you all,  

Sophie  (SA September 2014)

Hi Cheryl 

Thanks so much for the informative chat last week . . . It was lovely to see you again! Your staff – and you – do an amazing job! Annie was SO happy with her wig and hats. . .

Kind regards

Adriana (Sydney)  August 2014

Testimonials continued….

THANK YOU so much Lyn and Roz!! What a great team at The Individual Wig on Oxford Street! So happy with my new Giselle. Anyone looking for an excellent quality wig and great service, check these ladies out online or in store! Brilliant range, easy to use website, and quality product. Xxx

Karen (Gold Coast)

I came to The Individual Wig because a friend of mine, Monique said, ‘ Don’t bother wasting your time going from place to place. Don’t go anywhere else but The Individual Wig. The prices are more reasonable and the experience will be good for you.’ So…. that’s why I came here.

Margaret (Camden July 2014)

To Cheryl and Roslyn:

 Just wanted to send you both a huge thank you for this past week, both in helping me find the perfect hair piece and in your amazing customer service. I so appreciate it! I wore my new hair piece to the wedding yesterday and was so happy with it! No one knew it wasn’t my own hair, exactly what I had wanted!

 Thank you again, so happy with the result of my visit to your store!

MC (12 May 2014)

Good morning girls,
I just wanted to pass on my thanks for your wonderful customer service you provide to me every time I walk into your shop. I have never walked out disappointed.
The wig I purchased from you on Monday just gone I simply love, and I have had so many people admire it.

Thank you girls,

Hi Cheryl
I hope you are well.  I just wanted to let you know that I quite often think of you and of the wonderful job you and Ros do for people who are undergoing treatment for cancer and the unfortunate subsequent loss of hair.

We, as healthy people, cannot imagine what it must be like to endure such pain and suffering.
As you may be aware, Ash has now finished her treatment – almost 12 months to the day.  It has been a gruelling 12 months.  Most recent scans indicate that she remains in remission.

 You may remember you arranged for one of her wigs to be straightened recently.  Well…you could not imagine the impact that had on her.  She rang me at work as soon as it arrived at the house via courier…I thought she was going to burst!  Such happiness….so lovely to see. 

Please know how much we appreciate everything you have done for us and what an amazing (and very important) job you do. We will always be very grateful. Take care of yourself.

Kindest regards

Dear Cheryl
Here is a letter from my doctor regarding the wig. I am really pleased with it!   All three people I met in the afternoon commented on how great my hair was looking!  Thanks so much to you and Bridget for giving me back my confidence.

Dear Noela.
I would like to say how much I appreciated the help and assistance in such a professional manner when I recently needed to buy a wig. You made what could have been a very daunting and anxious experience, one of complete ease and comfort. I wish you the very best and good health and much success and satisfaction in the role you play in helping and assessing  women newly diagnosed with cancer, that they can still look very feminine and attractive.
Leonie M

Dear Cheryl,
Words cannot express my appreciation for your wonderful and endearing home visits. I am very, very grateful for your warm delight in  helping me select a most suitable and beautiful wig. I will wear it with pride.
Cherie H.

To all of you lovely ladies at The Individual Wig.
Thank you to all of you for being so kind and patient to my two little boys and when I was going through something so difficult. Your kindness has been a lovely memory.
Kind Regards,
Tamara (Central Coast – NSW)

I wore my wig to work where upon all my colleagues said that the wig looked better than my natural hair. It’s true! The wig has a much better cut and style than I ever have. I’ll be taking it to my hairdresser when I get my hair back so that they can copy the wig and cut my hair exactly the same.
Anne (Seaforth – NSW)

Thank you ladies for all your assistance in helping me choose a wig on Saturday morning. You made it such a fun experience when I was feeling anxious. The worry of losing my hair in a few weeks with chemo therapy treatment has now been lessened. You both do a great job.
Kind regards,

Dear Cheryl,
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July last year, I knew I just had to get on with what I had to do the best way I could.
Being able to go into The Individual Wig and immediately feel comfortable meant a lot to me. Then with the help of both you and Pamela to find a wig that suited me after only two try-ons, made a situation which I thought would be so demoralizing, so EASY….without people like you as part of my breast cancer story, I know I would not be feeling as well as I am today. Cheryl, you are a special person,

To Cheryl and the team,
You ladies are the best. Thanks for everything,
Lots of love,

Dear Lyn,
I didn’t want the opportunity to pass without saying a BIG “thank you” for all your assistance last week in selecting a wig, following my chemo therapy of the last few months…..I am certainly letting my friends – in a similar situation to me – know where I got my wig but more importantly, how very helpful you were in making the selection. Your advice was sincerely appreciated. I look forward to meeting you again –all going well.
God bless,

Thank you for the friendly service and pleasant atmosphere, it made purchasing a wig an enjoyable outing.




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