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Fun Party Wigs

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Fun Party Wigs

To Fun Party Wigs – add Costume and Fantasy Wigs – They all add up to a good time.

Fun Party WigsSometimes you may want to wear a wig just to have fun and liven up the party. You may want to dance the night away at a 70’s party or become your favourite movie star. If so, we have a wide range of costume wigs. Usually, fun wigs are not as expensive as fashion wigs.

So, if it’s just a wig or hair piece for a fancy dress party, a birthday, a costume theme night or any occasion, The Individual Wig has the product for you.


For the fashion conscious or fun loving, our range of Incognito Wigs will turn the ordinary into an adventure. Unique, fun, fashion tones and bright colours are what the Incognito Range is all about. Swirled colourations and black light reflective colours, coupled with popular highlighted hues create the amazing range of Incognito® colours.

Fun Party WigsNaturally highlighted blends and vibrant fun shades coupled with exclusive Ombre “Twist” colourations,  create the dazzling assortment of fashionable and funky Incognito® colours.

Check out all the different colour choices. Our professional hairdressers can also cut and style a wig to suit you and the occasion.

We’ve been able to meet many unusual requests,  so don’t be afraid to call.

Of course, we also hire wigs- see Hire a Wig section. For ultimate fun and fantasy, transform yourself with Incognito. Call us for more information.

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