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Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQs – we are asked every day.

How do I know I am getting the best advice from you?
The Individual Wig has been in business for more than 50 years and has a proud record of giving the best advice and the providing the highest quality products. Our Wig Consultants are all professional hair dressers, wig makers and stylists. Together, they have a combined experience of more than 100 years. We offer total hair solutions catering to the fashion and medical needs, theatre, visual merchandising and those special party occasions. We also cut, style and make wigs. We have a salon you can visit, a wide range of wigs you can try on and an extensive collection of  hair extensions and other products. In addition, you can visit our website, email or call for information.

I’ve been diagnosed with cancer and told I’ll probably lose my hair, what should I do?
Ideally, you should talk with our Wig Consultants (either personally or by telephone) before you start your treatment. It gives us the opportunity to discuss your hair style, colour and whether you want  to keep your current style.

When will my hair start to fall out?
Firstly, you need to discuss this with your oncologist or health professional. Not all chemotherapy causes hair loss but when it does, it can occur gradually or suddenly. It usually starts after the first weeks or early rounds of chemotherapy and tends to increase as the treatment continues.

What type of wigs and hairpieces does The Individual Wigs have?
We have an extensive range of both synthetic and human hair products but most wigs are made of a synthetic fibre which maintains its colour and shape. Today’s synthetics are soft and silky with a natural human hair look. They are affordable and easy to care for. Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs and have a longer wear life.

What is a monofilament wig?
While most wigs are machine-made with a lace fabric in the top, a monofilament wig is made with a very thin, almost transparent material that takes on the colour of the wearers scalp. Each strand of fibre is hand knotted into the net and can fall in any direction. Monofilament wigs are beneficial for people with severe or total hair loss because they look like the persons scalp. Some monofilament wigs come with two-lining construction, which provides extra comfort, especially in the case of total hair loss.

What is better –human hair or synthetic?
Synthetic wigs are pre-styled and cannot be easily or dramatically altered, nor can the colour be changed. The fibre is remarkable close to human hair and eliminates those ‘bad hair’ days. Synthetic wigs come in the latest style and designer colours.

Human hair wigs need to be styled to your individual needs and like your own hair, they have to be restyled after washing. Therefore, they require a lot more of your time. In some cases, you can change the colour. Often, however, human hair wigs may have had a lot of processing and will not be suitable for re-colouring. Human hair is more expensive than synthetic and does not offer as extensive colour range. However, with proper care the wigs can wear longer and human hair, especially long hair, has a natural, silky, luxurious look.


Can you trim and style my wig?
The simple answer is yes. At The Individual Wig we have professional hairdressers who can cut and style but most synthetic wigs require very little re-styling. We advise you to choose a style they best suits you. Remember, once you have cut the wig it doesn’t re-grow.

How long will the style and shape of my wig last?
To ensure you wig keeps its style and shape, you need to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, use our recommended products and take proper care of it.

Can I change the colour of my wig or hairpiece?
You cannot change the colour of a synthetic wig or hairpiece, however, some human hair wigs can be re-coloured.

How do I care for my wig?
Proper wig and hair care is essential in maintaining the condition of your purchase. Wigs, hair pieces and extensions will last for some time, retaining their natural beauty and shape if you look after them. (See wig care.)

Can I blow-dry my wig or hairpiece?
Never use heat on a synthetic wig or hairpiece. You can use a blow dryer on human hair.

Can I change the style of my wig after I bought it?
In some cases, the style can be changed but it can only be done by a professional wig consultant. You should contact us at The Individual Wig.

How can I get my wig to maintain its original look?
Modern wig technology produces good quality fibre that goes into making beautiful styles and colours. Your wig should maintain its shape and look if you care for it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. There is a range of professional wig care products specifically developed for wigs, from shampoos and revitalisers to brushes and wig stands. (See wig care.)


How often should I wash my wig?
We advise you to wash your wig every 10 to 15 wears. Do not use regular shampoos. The Individual Wig has a mild shampoo specially formulated for the care of wigs or hairpieces. (See washing instructions)

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