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So light,so natural,so comfortable.

Wig makers around the world are constantly looking at ways to improve their products and the introduction of lightweight wigs is an exciting and innovative area of development.

In Jon Renau’s o’solite range for example, the wigs weigh as little as 46 grams, boasting a weight up to 50 per cent less than traditional wigs. This is achieved by using lighter materials and machine-back, open cap construction which are also called capless.

This allows superior ventilation to keep the scalp cool and reduces the cap weight of each wig. This eliminates the pressure and friction you might feel from heavier, traditional wigs but still providing maximum comfort and wearability.

Bree. Colour: 633

Bree By Jon Renau

Gaby. Colour: 32BF

Gaby by Jon Renau

Jazz. Colour: 1026TTS4

Jazz by Jon Renau

LIly. Colour: 1026TT

LIly by Jon Renau

Star. Colour 4 33

Star by Jon Renau

Fame. Colour: 27t613f

Fame by Jon Renau


Josie by Henry Margu

Angie. Colour:12 26R

Angie by Henry Margu

Brenda. Colour: 27-26H

Brenda by Henry Margu

Bailey. Colour; 6H

Bailey by Henry Margu

Faith. Colour: 14H

Faith by Henry Margu

HENRY MARGU 2442_Tess_26GR_inset#3

Tess by Henry Margu

Tyler. Colour: 29R

Tyler by Henry Margu

Becky. Colour: 2600H

Becky by Henry Margu

Dixie. Colour: Marble Brown

Dixie by Amore


Connie by Amore

Wendy. Colour: Dark Chocolate

Wendy by Amore


Mariana by Amore


Natasha by Amore


Olivia by Amore.

Cassidy. Colour: Auburn Sugar R

Cassidy by Amore


PAM by Noriko

Megan. Colour: Harvest  Gold

Megan by Noriko


Drew by Noriko

Mason. Colour Cream Toffee 030

Mason by Noriko


Sky by Noriko

Tia. Colour: Frosti Blond

Tia by Noriko

Stacie. Colour: Chestnut 014

Stacie by Noriko

Millie. Colour: Marble Brown

Millie by Noriko

Brooke. Colour: Marble-Brown

Brooke by Noriko


Sierra by Rene of Paris


Tyler by Rene of Paris