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 Look Good Feel Better







1,000 workshops in 2017.

Look Good Feel Better  is a free community program  providing valuable advice to woman  undergoing chemotherapy, on how to deal with appearance-related side-effects, such as hair loss.

It is  made available through the support of the cosmetic, hairdressing and toiletry industries.

Since its launch in 1990, Look Good Feel Better has helped more than 50,000 women.

As an active, long-time  supporter of the program, The Individual Wig is one of the volunteer groups that visit hospitals to speak with women receiving cancer treatment.

Regular, two and a half hour workshops are held in a relaxed and friendly environment  in all states and territories.

Experienced wig and cosmetic experts, who volunteer their time, provide participants with useful information and tips tailored to help cope with the appearance-related side effects of their treatment.

Women are also shown practical and creative ways to help deal with impending hair loss, with the opportunity to try on wigs, headscarves and turbans.

As well as practical make-up and skincare tips, women receive complimentary products donated by the cosmetic industry.

The workshops are more than how to apply make-up; they are designed to empower women and boost your self-esteem while undergoing treatment.

The Individual Wig strongly believes the program has a positive impact on a woman’s confidence and well-being, at a very emotional and challenging time in her life.

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