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Jon Renau Monofilament

Jon Renau Monofilament

Natural. Comfortable. Virtually Invisible- Monofilament Wigs.

One of the most exciting innovations in wig construction is the development of monofilament wigs, which has brought in a new range of natural looking wigs.

A monofilament wig is made with a very thin, almost transparent material that matches the colour of your scalp.
This makes them ideal for people with severe or total hair loss.

Each strand of fibre is hand knotted into the net and can fall in any direction. Some monofilament wigs come with two-lining construction, which provides extra comfort.

The Individual Wig has a great range from which to choose.

Adriana. Colour: 12FS8

Adriana by Jon Renau

Alia. Colour: 6F27

Alia by Jon Renau

Annette. Colour: 12FS8

Annette by Jon Renau

Carrie. Colour: 830

Carrie by Jon Renau

Emma. Colour: 1026TT

Emma by Jon Renau

Fame. Colour: 27t613f

Fame by Jon Renau

Gisele. Colour: 12FS8

Gisele by Jon Renau

Jennifer. Colour: FS1226SB

Jennifer by Jon Renau

Jane. Colour: 4RN

Jane by Jon Renau

Julia. Colour: 32F

Julia by Jon Renau


Kate by Jon Renau

Nicole. Colour: fs2631

Nicole by Jon Renau

Sienna. Colour: 24BT18S8

Sienna by Jon Renau

Sophia. Colour: 12FS8

Sophia by Jon Renau


Victoria by Jon Renau

Zara. Colour: FS2631

Zara by Jon Renau

Erin. Colour: Maple Sugar

Erin by Amore

Samantha Colour: Ginger Brown

Samantha by Amore


Dylan- Colour: Harvest Gold

Dylan- by Amore


Stevie by Amore


Dixie. Colour: Marble Brown

Dixie by Amore


Marie by Amore


Erika by Amore


Connie by Amore

Wendy. Colour: Dark Chocolate

Wendy by Amore


Codi by Amore

2546_Regan_Ginger H _003-v2

Regan by Amore


Tatum by Amore


Emily by Amore


Kelly by Amore



Mariana by Amore


Natasha by Amore


Olivia by Amore

Cassidy. Colour: Auburn Sugar R

Cassidy by Amore

Whitney. Colour; Mochaccino R

Whitney by Amore

Tyler. Colour: 29R

Tyler by Henry Margu

Becky. Colour: 2600H

Becky by Henry Margu

Quinn. Human Hair

Quinn by Amore

Blair. Colour:  A246

Blair by Amore

Charlotte.  Human Hair

Charlotte by Amore

Courtney. Colour: 433

Courtney by Jon Renau


Elle by Jon Renau


Naomi by Jon Renau