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Behind The Scenes

See the latest Looks and Styles

Behind The Scenes is a visual showcase of wigs on display and ways to help you wear a wig. The Individual Wig remains committed to showing you what’s new and trend-setting in wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces.

One of our leading suppliers is Jon Renau, a designer that produces cutting-edge styles and break-through colours.

Check out the latest videos.


Take a look behind the scenes of the catalogue photo shoot for the NORIKO 2016/17 collection from Rene of Paris.

Choosing the right wig, fibre and style are vital to having a wig that you enjoy and feels right for you.

Here is a selection of videos that will help make the task a lot easier.

The technology of wig-making has come a long way over recent years. Now, you can get a superior wig that fits snugly and looks as natural as your own hair.

How To fit, wash and care for your wig is important.

Proper care and attention will help maintain the wig’s original  look and protect your investment. Jon Renau’s videos provide easy-to-follow advice on measuring, fitting  and washing.

Human Hair wigs can be styled to suit. Here are selected videos on how to blow dry for volume, blow dry for diffused curls and blow dry for a smooth finish.

If you want to add volume to your hair, the latest ranges of clip-in hairpieces are easy to use and great to wear.
How to Measure and Choose the right toppers. How to apply easihair

The Wig Consultants at The Individual Wig are all professional hairdressers with many years fitting, cutting and styling wigs and they can help you with any questions you have.

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