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Jazz Mono Wig

Jazz Mono Wig


Short and cute.

Brand   Jon Renau
Style   Jazz Mono
Material   Synthetic
Weight   68 gramns
Length   Short
Head Size   Average
Nape   5cm
Crown   12.15cm
Fringe   10cm


Monofilament. Lightweight. Perfect Fit.Jazz Mono Wig

Jazz Mono Wig is the style for you, if  you want cute, short and spunky! Its Mono Top construction ensures a totally natural and carefree look.

Monofilament Construction

Mono Tops give the appearance of actual hair growth out of the scalp.Each mono top features a 3mm Jazz Wig lacefront-mono-100-hand-tiedSwiss Lace Front with over and under hand-tied hairs to simulate a natural hairline.

Every hair in the monofilament top is individually hand-tied, one strand at a time. Each hair can move and swivel freely, just as hair moves when growing from a follicle. A Mono Top hairpiece will never appear stiff, bulky or artificial.

Mono Top wigs can be styled and parted in any direction, just like natural hair. The Mono Top design also reduces weight and hair density on the top of each piece. With their light weight, smooth fit, and the option to secure adhesive to polyurethane strips inside the front hairline and ear tabs, Mono Top wigs feel perfectly customised.

 Jazz Mono Wig – Light

At just 68 grams, this wig is a delight to wear and eliminates the pressure and friction you might feel from a heavier, traditional wig. Whatever style, colour or special requests you have, our qualified and experienced wig consultants are in the Saloon to help fit and style, as one satisfied client reports:

Package arrived. Thank you so very much and thank you also for the VIP card.

You ladies have looked after me for the past two years and quite frankly I wouldn’t know what to do without The Individual Wig. It has given me back confidence as my hair is taking longer to grow as expected. I can’t thank you enough. Next time I am in Sydney, I’ll be sure to call in and say thank you to you all personally.   I will need to order another one in April as I am going away for 3 months but I will let you know closer to time.

Again, thank you.    

Kind regards,

M. Darwin.  (Click> for more testimonials)

Jazz Mono Wig.  Main Colour Shown: 12FS8  Other Colour: 6F27