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Head Wear For Hair Loss

Head wear for hair loss.

The Individual Wig has a range of high quality fashion head wear – colourful head scarves, comfortable turbans, cool caps and classic hats.

They are ideal head wear for hair loss as a result of  cancer treatment or alopecia.

They come in natural fibres – cotton and bamboo with a wide selection of up-to-the-minute colours, vibrant patters and stylish designs.

They are all selected with THE INDIVIDUAL YOU in mind.

The Individual Wig Turbans

We have an exclusive collection of our own bamboo turbans. They are comfortable, soft and breathable and retain the natural anti-bacterial qualities of bamboo.

The Individual Wig Head Scarves

Our head scarves feature a variety of multi-coloured prints and patters, ranging from soft and muted, to the more flamboyant.

Turbans and Caps – Amoena

From Amoena, comes a selection of fashion conscious bamboo and cotton turbans and caps. Amoena is a leading, worldwide specialist supplier of well-being products for women.


We also have a range of Kettle Hats andWool Felt hats which are adjustable, with a wide brim to shield your face from the sun.

NOTE. The availability of head wear is dependent on seasonal supply. Styles and colours  may change without notice.


With every Bamboo Turban sold from The Individual Wig range, we will donate $2.00 to ANZGOG (Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group).This is a committed group of cancer specialists that is leading the campaign  to conduct gynaecological cancer clinical trials in Australia and New Zealand.  

It can cost as little as $1,000 to help a woman participate in a clinical trial searching for the best treatments.The facts of gynaecological cancer –

            • approximately 12  women are diagnosed   each day  
            • on average, four women die each day.

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