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Fiona Wig

Fiona Wig


Shoulder Length

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Brand   Henry Margu
Style   Fiona
Material   Synthetic
Weight   93.5g
Length   Medium
Head Size   Average
Nape   15cm
Crown   10.5cm-27.5cm
Fringe   17.5cm


Monofilament Top. Lace Front. Rooted ColoursFiona Wig

Fiona Wig by Henry Margu is a  shoulder length straight-cut, silky, comfortable bob. It has good coverage and nice, subtle layering on the sides  which create natural movement and frame the face perfectly.

Fiona  Wig features a Monofilament Top with Lace Front

Fiona Wig Mono TopMonofilament is an extremely sheer mesh used to make a transparent base that creates a realistic looking scalp area and is then hand knotted with individual fibres to simulate the appearance of natural hair growth.

Lace Front
A Monofilament  Top with Lace Front is made  the same as a Mono Top wig but utilises the lace front to create a natural hairline along with the realistic characteristics of a mono.   This provides an amazingly realistic hairline that appears as if the hair is growing directly out of the scalp and allows the fibre in front to be styled off the face in any direction. The neutral colour of the lace mesh takes on the skin tone of the wearer making the hairline more natural looking and virtually invisible.

Fiona Wig Naturally YoursFiona Wig is part of the Henry Margu Naturally Yours Collection, a ready-to-wear style with a monofilament top that can be customised to fit your look and style.

Fiona  Wig comes in Highlighted and Gradient Rooted (GR) Styles

Henry Margu’s exclusive highlighted colourations add a touch of realism  to a style.  Using a traditional method of a darker base colour with lighter highlights creates an amazingly natural appearance.

Gradient Rooted.

Henry Margu’s exciting, new gradient colours add new meaning to the word realistic. Using a special colouring process, each strand of fibre is dyed with a darker root colour at the base- resulting in a naturally highlighted colour with dark roots that appear to grow directly out of the scalp.

The Individual Wig specialises in wigs for hair loss. Our wig consultants are experienced, trained hair dressers who can help you choose the best wig for you, as well as fit, style and cut, if needed.

Thank you ladies for all your assistance in helping me choose a wig on Saturday morning. You made it such a fun experience when I was feeling anxious. The worry of losing my hair in a few weeks with chemo therapy treatment has now been lessened.

You both do a great job.

Kind regards,
Janine  (Click for more testimonials)

Fiona Wig Main Colour Shown: 7H


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1BH, 4GR, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H, 8H, 8/14H, 8/27/33H, 12AH, 12GR, 12H, 14H, 16H, 24H18, 26GR, 26H, 27AH, 27/26H, 29H, 31H, 33H, 88H, 130H, 131GR, 614GR, 614H, 2500H

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