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Tia Wig

Tia Wig


Short style

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Brand   Noriko
Style   Tia
Material   Synthetic
Weight   56g
Length   Short
Head Size   Average
Nape   7cm
Crown   8cm
Fringe   8cm


Monofilament. Hybrant Root Colours.Short Style.Tia Wig

Tia Wig is a short point cut that can be worn smoothed down or spiked to give you the funky look you’ll just love.  It has a full side-swept fringe and the sides show off the spikey look. The back is tapered for a smooth, cool neckline.

In addition, the monofilament construction offers the ultimate in comfort and natural appearance.

Tia Wig Mono capTia Wig has Monofilament Construction.

A monofilament wig is made with a very thin, almost transparent material that matches the colour of your scalp. The mesh is breathable and gentle on the scalp. Each strand of fibre is hand knotted into the net and can fall in any direction. Some monofilament wigs come with two-lining construction, which provides extra comfort.

They are suitable for severe or partial hair loss.

Noriko Monofilament wigs combine monofilament construction and calibrated machine wefting at the sides and back. A polyurethane tape tab at the front completes these beautiful creations.

Tia  Wig by Noriko has Hybrant Root colours.Tia Wig Hybrant Root

The Hybrant Root colours pair with Hybrant Shades to create the ultimate wig experience. New Long Rooted (LR) colours offer a dramatic ombre style root with a gradual lightening towards the ends.

The Individual Wig specialises in wigs for hair loss. Our wig consultants are experienced, trained hair dressers who can help you choose the best wig for you, as well as fit, style and cut if needed.

Here’s what one client wrote:

Hi darling Cheryl,

A joy to be with you and beautiful team in Sydney.  Love my new look!

Love and hugs

Sophie. ADELAIDE (Click for more testimonials)

Tia Wig Main Colour Shown:Nutmeg F.  Other Colour: Ginger H.

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