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Zara Wig

Zara Wig


Long Layered

Brand   Jon Renau
Style   Zara
Material   Synthetic
Weight   138g
Length   Long
Head Size   Average
Nape   37.5cm
Crown   42.5cm
Fringe   28.75cm


Lace Front. Monofilament.Zara Wig

Zara Wig by Jon Renau provides you with  endless styling options.

It is a chic, stylish long layered wig that combines the light comfort and natural looking growth of a Mono Top along with  exclusive SmartLace technology.

Zara Wig with Smartlace front

Zara Wig is heat stylable.

The heat stylable HD fibre and natural looking lace front give you unlimited possibilities.

HD wigs are designed to give you the power to reinvent day after day by restyling daily to suit your mood. You need to carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Monofilament ConstructionZara Wig lace front monofilament

Mono Tops give the appearance of actual hair growth out of the scalp.Each mono top features a 3mm Swiss Lace Front with over and under hand-tied hairs to simulate a natural hairline.

Every hair in the monofilament top is individually hand-tied, one strand at a time. Each hair can move and swivel freely, just as hair moves when growing from a follicle. A Mono Top hairpiece will never appear stiff, bulky or artificial.

Mono Top wigs can be styled and parted in any direction, just like natural hair. The Mono Top design also reduces weight and hair density on the top of each piece. With their light weight, smooth fit, and the option to secure adhesive to polyurethane strips inside the front hairline and ear tabs, Mono Top wigs feel perfectly customised.

What our clients say:

Hi dear Cheryl,
Wig arrived yesterday safely.  It is beautiful! So pleased Thank you!  Will wash other one now, it has stretched a little so perhaps a little adjustment sometime as slips a bit but manageable. Behaved very well on trip away in planes overnight.. All I had to do was maintain fringe correctly and knew it was looking ok. Am so thrilled that was connected to your firm as you beautiful ladies have helped me so much and made my everyday life so much more carefree. By the way, had lots of strangers on different occasions compliment my hair!  

Thank you and love to you all,  

Sophie . South Australia. (Click for more testimonials)

Zara Wig Main Colour Shown: FS6-30-27. Other colours:FS2V31V. 4/27/30, FS26/31